Probably K. P., too!

Issue 3 and Volume 79.

Probably K. P., too! BONUS CLERK: “How much service did you have? EX-SOLDER: “None. I was a private and had to wait on myself!” That’s true of most of us, whether in the army or out. It is true of readers of FIRE ENGINEERING. You have to wait on yourself to get the best out of the magazine. Read not only the news and the editorial articles, but the advertisements as well. Often the advertising pages are as interesting and as important in their announcements as any of the rest of the magazine. A Free Service qNote that we are glad to forward your inquiries to the various manufacturers for you whenever you are interested in the purchase of new apparatus or equipment. Let us hear from you when you are interested. We’ll zvail on you—but it’s up to you, first, to make your wants known to us.

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