Some Pointers on Handling the Injured at Fires

Issue 4 and Volume 79.

Some Pointers on Handling the Injured at Fires Danger in Moving of Victims by Uninstructed Persons—Proper Way of Lifting Patient—Lowering from Height—Raising from Trench THE following is from a lecture delivered by Mr. Sounders before the company officers and the 1,600 uniformed men of the San Francisco Fire Department, on Rescue Work: The instruction course took three weeks to complete and the lecture was amplified by practical demonstrations, as shown in the illustrations: In rescue work, fire casualties and accident cases can be divided as follows: First, the members of the fire department who become injured in line of duty; second, the citizen victim the fire department is called upon to rescue and aid. Unskilled Lifting of Injured Persons To quote Doctor Alanson Weeks, chief surgeon, San Francisco Emergency Hospitals, “Fractures have 90% less chance of healing satisfactorily after the victim has been lifted about by unskilled persons.” Doctor J.…

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