Issue 4 and Volume 79.

FALSE ALARMS NOT DEAD YET The white captain of a colored fire company in one of the southern American cities, recently rolled into a still alarm and sent one of his colored firemen in with an extinguisher to put out the small fire. The colored firemen came rushing out minus the extinguisher with the following startling information: “De man in de back of de store has done hung hisself !” Captain: “Hanged himself? Did you cut him down ?” Colored fireman: “No sah! He ain’t dead yet!” Voice from the ground—“Can you manage to hang on a Hit longer Alberti Were getting a ladder up to you.” Albert (conscientious two-platoon man)—Well, for goodness sake, man, hurry up. I’m due to knock off for change of platoon in about ten minutes. THEY CAME BACK “When I was a little child,” the new hardboiled captain sweetly addressed his men at the end…

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