Issue 4 and Volume 79.

OF INTEREST TO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS Fire Alarm Technology The following general information on fire alarm systems, which is included in a bulletin entitled “How Many Fire Alarms a Year?” and issued by the National Fire Protection Association, is of interest because it explains in a simple manner the various terms used in fire alarm systems and gives some useful suggestions relative thereto. Boxes Box WITH QUICK-ACTION Door—This box (shown in Fig. 1), is the most modern. The hook or starting lever projects through the outer door. A hinged glass plate with a handle covers the projecting lever. This enables a person to see—before the emergency of fire makes it necessary—exactly how to operate the box. To send an alarm the glass plate is pulled down by the handle and then the hook is pulled. KEYLESS Boxes.—These are of two types. In sounding the alarm on the older type you…

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