Controlling the Dry Cleaning Plant Hazard

Issue 5 and Volume 79.

Controlling the Dry Cleaning Plant Hazard Importance of Proper City Ordinances—Buildings Should Be Fire-Proof and Apart from Others, and Electric Power Isolated THE dry-cleaning hazard is one practically all chiefs have to deal with. This paper offers some excellent ideas on the control of this type of industry: Dry cleaning is a most hazardous operation, unless done by an experienced operator in a building properly erected and equipped. Dry cleaning should never be done by one who is not fully acquainted with these hazards and especially not in the home as this jeopardizes the lives of women and children. Done Most Anywhere and Anyway We find dry cleaning done most anywhere and anyway. In sheds, barns, garages, basements and rear ends of business buildings. No consideration is given to ventilation, heating plants, gas plates, lighting, power plants, storing of cleaning liquids or safe installation of machinery. Ofter we find cleaning…

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