A View on the Insurance Tax for Pensions

Issue 5 and Volume 79.

A View on the Insurance Tax for Pensions A communication has been received from Curtis C. Johnson, assistant chief of the fire department at Emporia, Kans., in which he outlines the drawbacks against the successful operation of the relief fund in second, third and fourth class cities in the state of Kansas. Under the present plan of operation these cities receive from $100 to $1,500 for their relief fund. Many of them can dispose of the money as they see fit by the vote of the members of the association, and in some cases three months after they have received the money from the treasurer, there are no funds left. Some of the cities use the money to purchase apparatus and thus defeat the original intention of the tax. A discussion at the state firemen’s meeting has revealed the fact that some of the firemen do not know if their…

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