Sprig is Cobbig!

Issue 5 and Volume 79.

Sprig is Cobbig! ONLY a little more cold weather— and Spring will he full upon us, and we will be out in the open air again getting the exercise we need to keep fully lit —as suggested by the following story— Veterinarian: “He’s too fat, Madam, that s what’s wrong with the dog. He doesn’t get enough exercise.” Owner: “Oh, but he does. I’m sure he does — he goes out everyday with me in the motor.” That flog never could be a fire department mascot! And speaking of balmy Spring — The American Legion Weekly asks: “Who invented the hole in the doughnut?” “Oh, some fresh-air fiend, I suppose.” Spring means house-cleaning, repairs, new equipment, new apparatus. Are all of our readers looking ahead and planning to take full advantage of the opportunity Spring affords We hope so — we believe so — and we will help you if…

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