Cleveland Questions and Answers

Issue 6 and Volume 79.

Cleveland Questions and Answers The following are questions asked by J. E. T., Cleveland, Ohio, and answers thereto, continued front last issue: 4. What precautions would you take and what methods would you use at a church steeple fire? 5. Assuming that you are a captain and in charge of a steamer company that is responding on a still alarm and find a three-story building burning and the whole second floor in flames, with people hanging out of the windows on the third floor, explain your actions from the time that you arrive at same. 6. What do you consider the proper method of taking care of hose when in use, and when not in use. Answer 4. The chief precautions to take in operating at a church steeple fire is to prevent injury to men through the collapse of the tower and the falling of bells which may be…

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