Kalamazoo has Epidemic of Church Fires

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Kalamazoo has Epidemic of Church Fires A series of church fires which have visited Kalamazoo, Mich., in the last three months culminated on Saturday, March 13, in the destruction of the First Methodist Church and the death of two of Kalamazoo’s best known firemen. This series of fires includes the destruction of the First Congregational Church, Park and Academy streets, on December 29 last, with a loss estimated at $175,000. It also includes a lively blaze at the East Avenue M. E. Church two weeks previously. This First M. E. Church was located at Lovell and South Rose Street, within a block of Central Fire Station. The fire was discovered by members of this station at about 6 o’clock p. m., who responded promptly with their apparatus. The building was already enveloped in dense smoke and the fire burst through the roof before this company had scarcely got into action.…

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