Issue 7 and Volume 79.

CONTENTS APRIL 10, 1926 VOL. LXXIX No. 7 Centralizing the Department in One Station, by Harry Belknap (Illustrated) 339 All Arlington, Mass., Companies, Except Two in Outlying Districts, Housed in Central Station. Store Presents City with Fire Station, by Charles W. Geiger (Illustrated) 341 For Privilege to Extend Warehouse Over Structure, It Builds Fire House on City Land. Use Heavy Streams to Kill Heat (Illustrated) 342 Large Streams from Deck Gun Necessary in Reducing Temperature from Potash Fire. The University of Illinois Course of Instruction in Fire Protection (Illustrated) 345 Mechanical Installations, by Raymond T. Nelson. With the Editor 347 Comments on Current Events and Live Topics by our Editorial Staff. Questions and Answers 349 Replies to Questions on all Manner of Subjects of Fire Fighting and Fire Protection. Volunteer Fire Department (Illustrated) 353 Town Auditorium Fire. Recent Important Fires Specially Reported (Illustrated) 355 City of Newport, Ark.. Nearly Destroyed…

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