Respirator for Firemen

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Respirator for Firemen A respirator which is both light in construction and easy on the wearer, has been designed for fire department use by Dr. J. Rice Gibbs and is being marketed under the name of “Dontfear.” This mask is hung around the neck and straps to the head so that it can not unfasten—the buckle which holds it in place permits of quick fastening and releasing. The canister contains a medium which was in use by the United States army and which was tested by the U. S. Bureau of Mines. In a booklet which the company issued, they warn the firemen against the belief that the respirator is a cure-all. Where the obnoxious gases is of such concentration that a flame is easily extinguished, the firemen should not enter. Smoke and gases in the average concentration met with in fire department work does not, it is added, affect…

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