Recent Patents

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Recent Patents Descriptions of Patents Recently Issued of Interest to Fire Departments—Extinguisher—Hat—Fire Preventer Screen Portable Fire Extinguisher A patent (No. 1,559,721) has been granted to Wolfgang Magg of Vienna, Austria, for an improvement in the portable type of fire extinguisher based on the principle of the combination of two chemicals for the generation of the pressure. The illustration shows a longitudinal section of the fire extinguisher. The case of the fire extinguisher is seamed air tight. The lid should preferably consist of two layers, a thin inner layer of high grade material and a thicker outer layer of cheaper grade material. It may be sheet iron. Two openings are provided in the lid the edges of which are bent outwardly to form short connecting nozzles in which the packing gland and the guide for the striker and screwed sleeve for the acid are fixed. The striker consists of an extension…

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