Report Issued on Equitable Fire

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Report Issued on Equitable Fire The New York Board of Fire Underwriters has issued a report on the Equitable Building on February 16, in which the conclusions drawn concur with the opinions expressed in a recent issue of FIRE ENGINEERING. The conclusions drawn by the board are interesting because of the thorough investigation made by their engineers, and follows: It is a tribute to the construction of the building from the viewpoint of fire prevention, that the fire did not attain more serious proportions. The fact is emphasized that security from fire does not alone lie in fireproof construction, hut some attention must be given towards making the contents fireproof. Most of the offices contain sufficient combustible materials to cause a very hot fire, sufficient in proportion to entirely destroy or badly damage the furnishings and contents. The fire brought out the fact that the term “fireproof” has been generally…

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