Use Heavy Streams to Kill Heat

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Use Heavy Streams to Kill Heat Large Streams from Deck Gun Necessary in Reducing Temperature from Potash Fire—Long Range to Cover Exposures THE fire described in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING was one wherein the use of large streams was most essential. The point the fire clearly demonstrated is that in order to reduce high temperature and cover exposures at long range large caliber streams at high pressures are invaluable. The failure to make use of deck guns in this particular instance was responsible for fire extending to buildings across street as well as for the extent of the fire in buildings adjacent to the chemical laboratory. Fires of this type require concentration of heavy streams. To sum up the problem as given in the last issue of this journal, the fire started in the chemical laboratory building shown in Fig. 2 herewith. At the time of the fire…

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