Store Presents City with Fire Station

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Store Presents City with Fire Station For Privilege to Extend Warehouse Over Structure, Builds Fire House on City Land—Some Unique Features A PRIVATELY built fire station in a large city is a rather unusual thing, but in this case both parties to the transaction benefited by it, the city being the gainer to the extent of an up-to-date house free of cost: A $35,000 fire house has been built for the San Francisco Fire Department free of charge by Hale’s department store in return for the privilege of extending their warehouse over the fire house. The city owns the lot on which the fire house shown in Fig. 1, is constructed and the department store owns the lot immediately to the west. The management of Hale’s store decided that the small lot would not be large enough to build the warehouse of the size desired, so they built the fire…

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