Massachusetts Chiefs Meet

Issue 7 and Volume 79.

Massachusetts Chiefs Meet The March luncheon and meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts was held in Young’s Hotel, Boston, Mass., on Wednesday, March 17. President William F. Daley, chief of the Brockton Fire Department, presided. The topic for discussion was as follows: “What changes in design and construction of automobile fire apparatus are necessary in order to make such apparatus dependable for fire protection in the state of Massachusetts during all seasons of the year?” It was the opinion of the chiefs that while the use of motor fire apparatus has become quite universal, it cannot, as now constructed. be depended upon during the winter months to afford fire protection in some of the cities and many of the towns in Massachusetts. Captain Charles P. Beaupre, of the State Police Patrol, delivered an address on the subject of “Cooperation of the State Police Patrol with the Fire Departments…

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