Murphysboro Now Model City

Issue 10 and Volume 79.

Murphysboro Now Model City In the annual report of the work of the fire department of Murphysboro, Ill., Chief Albert Herring stated a better city existed there today than prior to the time when it was visited by the cyclone. About ninety per cent of the new homes have been rebuilt with fireproof shingles and the flues have been constructed from the ground up. The National electric code is being used to govern all wiring installations, and four-inch water mains are being replaced with the six-inch size. The fire department has taken up salvage work along with their other duties. They have a supply of water proof covers which they carry on all their equipment. Chief Herring has appeared before several civic bodies and associations to have them pass resolutions to further the educational campaign conducted by the International Association of Fire Engineers and to assume an active role in…

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