Recent Patents

Issue 10 and Volume 79.

Recent Patents Descriptions of Patents Recently Issued of Interest to Fire Departments—lire Apparatus—Alarm Device for Automobiles Design of Fire Apparatus A patent (No. 1,577,607) has been issued to Jacob B. Blaw of Atlantic City, N. J., for his design of a fire apparatus (preferably ladder truck) with means attached for directing streams of water in the desired direction. One of the objects of the inventor is to reduce the confusion resulting at a fire from too many hose lines. The upper portion of the illustration is the side elevation of an extension ladder truck having the new design attached thereto. The lower section shows a transverse section of the device. The chassis of the apparatus is provided with the usual pivoted extension ladder having suitable means for raising and lowering it. It is also provided with uprights having transverse supporting rollers, one above the other for sustaining the ladders. The…

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