Issue 10 and Volume 79.

FALSE ALARMS The Firemen Volunteers Dedicated to the Volunteer Firemen of the World. Alone a solitary host of men Walk daily in their different spheres. United strong, a band to win— The FIREMEN VOLUNTEERS! They do and dare such mighty deeds. They walk amid the flames; They save the lives of some who lea 1 Who would not ask their names. They climb the smoke-filled burning stairs. They scale the walls of tottering homes. Undisturbed by selfish fears While lives on lives they save. Yes. on and on this hand of men. United by a common creed. Stamp out the forked tongues of flame Fighting for all who have a need. And though they give, ’tis few who care. Or few who dare to tell it thus: Ah. few remember to hold dear Those who fall in this great trust. And yet—they stand, a gallant host, Forgot, though unforgetting still…

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