Safe on First!

Issue 10 and Volume 79.

Safe on First! NOW that the baseball season is well under way, let us give thought to the fact that one hit does not ordinarily make a game! Your team has to hit and keep on hitting if they are going to win. Isn’t the same thing true of the advertisers in this paper? Look through any issue of FIRE ENGINEERING and you will find that the leaders are all old friends, appearing regularly issue after issue, All of which suggests the following story Tl entitled “Hiram’s Mistake:” “I put an ad in the paper once; hut that was one of my foolest stunts,” said Hiram Gubbins. ”1 wanta say that advertising don’t nohow pay. A two-inch ad was what I run in just one issue and only one, for that was enough to show me plain that advertising don’t bring no gain.” Said the ad man then, “If you…

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