Additional Data on Sprinklered Fire

Issue 10 and Volume 79.

Additional Data on Sprinklered Fire In connection with the story published in the March 25 issue on “Sprinkler System Collapses at Fire” describing a fire which occurred in a wheat flouring mill, I. G. Hoagland, secretary of the National Automatic Sprinkler Association, writes that the mill was not completely sprinklered at the time of the fire. The flames had gained headway at unprotected floor openings and it spread to the unsprinklered portions of the building. It gained such headway that the roof collapsed with the consequential damage to the sprinkler system although the sprinklers on the low’er functioned successfully at the time of the roof collapse. Toms River, N. J., Observes Memorial Services—The firemen of Toms River, N. J., observed their annual memorial services at the First Baptist Church.

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