Girl Appointed Chief at Boston College

Issue 10 and Volume 79.

Girl Appointed Chief at Boston College The equality of the sexes was further exemplified in the appointment of Miss Ruth A. Held of Bridgeport, Conn., as fire chief of Boston University College of Practical Arts and Letters. Dean Davis who gave her this important post at the girls’ dormitories, selected Miss Held from among her two hundred associates as the “calmest girl in the college.” She is being coached by Chief D. E. Johnson, head of the fire department in her home city, in the use of the various appliances for fire extinguishment and in the details of a modern fire-fighting organization. Miss Held takes the honor seriously and intends to establish a system of fire drills at the college that will enable her to e m p t y the building within a short period after the alarm is sounded. It is believed that this is the first time…

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