Modern Fire Alarm Signalling

Issue 11 and Volume 79.

Modern Fire Alarm Signalling Boxes, Maintainence, How to Make Repairs—Proper Method of Timing Boxes THIS series of articles on subjects relating to the installation of municipal fire alarm systems will appeal to the men responsible for the proper upkeep of this form of com- munication. The author has had practical experience in this field and will describe the essential points of the system. He will answer questions submitted by the readers free of charge providing that a stamped envelope is enclosed for reply. Maintenance: Boxes should be kept clean and free from dust and dirt. The best way to keep them clean is to make a survey of condition and to clean out the boxes by means oi a bellows or dust gun. Be sure that dirt has not found its way into the bearings of the movement. They should be oiled once every six months and done as follows:…

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