Fire Alarm Notes

Issue 11 and Volume 79.

Fire Alarm Notes Dexter, Ia., Purchases Electric Siren—A type B Double Head Federal electric siren was purchased by Dexter, Ia. Altona, Ill., to Install Siren—A new siren will be installed in Altona, Ill., and controlled from the telephone exchange. LeMars, Ia., Purchases Siren—The council of LeMars, Ia., purchased an Eric electric fire alarm siren. Test Made of Providence, R. I., Boxes—A test was made of the fire alarm boxes in Providence, R. I., which were little used in order to insure that they were in working condition. St. Cloud, Minn., Purchases Cable—St. Cloud, Minn., has awarded contract for supplying twenty miles of fire alarm cable to the Hazard Company of Willsburg, Pa. The one cable will be used by the police and fire alarm signal system. Four companies competed for the contract. Gamewell Construction Superintendent Dead—Barney McGuire, a construction superintendent for the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company for the past…

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