Issue 11 and Volume 79.

COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN FIRE PROTECTION As GIVEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS THIS twelfth installment of the University of Illinois Course in Fire Prevention continues the consideration of a type of common and very important hazards which the Chief has to combat in his fire prevention work, the improper installation of mechanical and electrical devices: INSTALLATION OF STATIONARY FURNACES Without Masonry Setting and Unlined (Fig. 10). Ventilation: Rooms containing Medium Furnaces should be provided with adequate means of ventilation either in the ceiling or the wall above such furnace. Floor: Floor under Lose Fur- naces. if combustible, should bs protected by two courses of 4-inch hollow tile crossed with boiler iron on top, or three courses of brick, with middle course laid crosswise and on edge, with ventilating spaces, left open at ends, between. Protection should extend even with furnace at sides, front and rear, and in…

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