A Little Misunderstanding

Issue 12 and Volume 79.

A Little Misunderstanding “I’M hurt,” wrote a reader recently. “I’m hurt because for a long while I have been trying to get around to telling you what a wonderful paper FIRE ENGINEERING is in its new form and what a great help it has been to me in my work.” “When my subscription came due last week I was just getting set to write a litter to send along with my subscription payment, when lo and behold on the bottom of your bill my eyes struck this: ‘You needn’t bother writing a letter — just return this bill with remittance folded inside.’ Gosh, but that did hurt. It surely put a damper on me.” Holy mackerel, man that’s the last thing in the world we ever intended! Around this office, letters from our subscribers, whether knocks or boosts, get a more enthusiastic welcome than our weekly salary checks — and…

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