Issue 13 and Volume 79.

WHAT’S BURNING From reports covering the United States and Canada, the estimated losses by fire during the week ending June 25, 1926, aggregated $5,366,400 as compared with $5,017,100 for the corresponding week in 1925. The total is derived by adding to the amount in the list given, which includes only those of $25,000 loss and over a sum equal to thirty per cent of that amount, statistics showing that the smaller fires average about that proportion of the larger. Losses for the week ending July 2 following their right order. The figures published in this list, compiled from telegraphic reports of fires occurring during the weeks, are based on estimates made at the time, which are necessarily hurried and are subject to latter investigation and consequent correction. Taken as a whole, however, they give an approximately correct view of the losses incurred. The figures represent loss in thousands. From reports…

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