Modern Fire Alarm Signalling

Issue 14 and Volume 79.

Modern Fire Alarm Signalling Manual Standard Storage Battery Switchboards—Installation. Operation and Upkeep THE author, in this article, which is the sixth of a scries. describes the manual standard storage battery stvitchboard used in connection with fire alarm installations. He has had practical experience in fire alarm work, and he will answer questions on this subject submitted by the readers free of charge. The only condition is that a stamped envelope must be enclosed for reply. Description, Installation, Operation and Servicing As fire alarm storage batteries must be charged every other day some means must be provided in order to take care of the charging period, and as each battery may be of a different voltage we must be able to charge any battery at a standard rate. Storage battery switchboards are specially designed for this purpose and contain all the necessary controlling equipment to take care of the proper charging.…

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