Fire Alarm Notes

Issue 14 and Volume 79.

Fire Alarm Notes New System Installed in Port Arthur, Tex.—A new fire alarm transmission system has been installed in Port Arthur, Tex. Allentown, Pa., Has New Transmitter A Gamewell fourdial fire, alarm transmitter will be installed in Allentown, Pa. The device has been installed at a cost of almost $800. Lynbrook, N. Y., Tests Fire Whistle —The new fire whistle installed in Lynbrook, L. I., N. Y., has been given its official test. Kalamazoo Fire Alarm Building Completed —The construction of the building that will house the Gamewell fire alarm system in Kalamazoo, Mich., is completed. The building is of fireproof construction made of concrete, brick and steel—it is two stories in height. Riverside, Cal., Chief Inspects Fire Alarm Chief Hutchinson of Riverside, Cal., made a tour of inspection of the fire alarm system of the city. With the coming of the dry season, the chief wants to be sure…

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