Buffalo Has Many Basement Fires

Issue 14 and Volume 79.

Buffalo Has Many Basement Fires Because of the large number of basement fires, Buffalo, N. Y., has the second largest fire loss in the United States in accordance with a statement made by Chief Hedden. “Unfortunately, not all business men are honest,” the chief said. “We are repeatedly confronted with fires in basements to which all doors have been locked. Boxes are piled high behind windows, or partitions have been built inside the cellar so that we cannot get the water in to put the fire out.” Chief Hedden proposed an ordinance which would make it mandatory for sprinklers to be installed in all basements in which merchandise is stored and which is not accessible for the fire department. This suggestion has met with considerable opposition from the business people who, it is said, have a vague opinion that an expensive sprinkler installation is required. A meeting has been called…

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