Ft. Dodge Men Use Drill Tower

Issue 15 and Volume 79.

Ft. Dodge Men Use Drill Tower The firemen of Fort Dodge, Ia., under the leadership of Chief H. J. Callahan, are trained in fire department evolutions at the drill tower constructed at the rear of the central station. The tower which is four stories high, was constructed last fall in accordance with a recommendation made by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Chief Callahan and the building commissioner co-operated in the drafting of the plans for the tower. The department feels that the construction cost was small in comparison with the reduced insurance rate. Each story of the tower has a room sixteen feet square, and there is a balcony on the top of the structure. The rooms on the first two floors are air tight to give the men practice in entering a smoke filled room. A platform on one side is pierced for practice in extinguishing basement fires.…

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