Issue 15 and Volume 79.

COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN FIRE PROTECTION AS GIVEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS THIS sixteenth installment of the University of Illinois Course in Fire Prevention continues the consideration of a type of common and very important hazards which the chief has to combat in his fire prevention work: INSTALLATION OF MOTION PICTURE MACHINES (Fig. 20) All motion picture machines using inflammable films should be enclosed in a booth meeting the following minimum requirements : Size: Booth should be not less than 6×8 feet in size and 7 feet high. Walls: Walls should be constructed of one of the following or equivalent materials: Masonry not less than 8 inches thick, 4 inches if reinforced concrete; gypsum blocks plastered on both sides; metal lath and cement plaster, not less than 2 inches thick, supported by incombustible members: or A metal framing of 11/2 x 11/2x 1/4 inch angle and tee…

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