Wetting Down Must Be Thorough

Issue 15 and Volume 79.

Wetting Down Must Be Thorough Large Part of Plant Might Have Been Saved Had This Been Given Proper Attention THE fire described in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING featured a frame type of building, and which would not be permitted in its condition in a large city. The progress of the fire which occurred in this building shows just how hazardous such types of establishments are. As noted in the previous description of the building, it was entirely of frame construction and the housekeeping was very bad within. The building at the time of the fire was well filled with finished and partly finished wooden products, including doors, window frames, window sashes, etc. The floor was pretty well littered with shavings, while rafters were covered with sawdust and wood dust. The shaving collector was of poor construction and did not function properly, for an investigation showed that a large…

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