Issue 17 and Volume 79.

INDUSTRIAL PLANT PROTECTION Explosion and Fire in Varnish and Cement Building Some months ago an explosion wrecked the varnish and cement building of the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, Malden, Mass., and a fire followed, which lasted for several hours. Two men were killed and the property loss reached $30,000, according to the Factory Mutual Record. The varnish and cement building was a two-story brick structure, the second story of which was used for pattern storage. The first floor was divided by brick fire walls into three rooms, each about twenty-five feet square. At one end was the varnish-making room, containing three varnish kettles heated over wood fires. Next to this, and entered through a fire door in the division wall, was the center room used for varnish mixing and storage. It contained nine 50-gallon varnish storage tanks, a barrel of gasoline, and a 100-gallon tank suspended from the ceiling. Then…

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