Blasts Wreck Three Fireworks Plants

Issue 17 and Volume 79.

Blasts Wreck Three Fireworks Plants Fire of unknown origin wrecked an unlicensed fireworks plant at Bristol, R. I., and the resulting blast killed four people and damaged about five hundred homes in the immediate vicinity. The owner of the factory was blown through the roof, his son-in-law instantly killed, his son died in a hospital from injuries, and his wife who was working in the garden near the plant, was killed by flying fragments from bombs. One of the houses nearby was moved from its foundations and many of the homes had the plaster blown from the walls. An explosion in a fireworks plant in the New Durham section of North Bergen, N. J., wrecked the factory and gave a large crowd a two-hour fireworks display. The plant known as the New York Fireworks Company consisted of a group of twelve frame shacks located in a swampy section of land…

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