Jordan of Baltimore Salvage Corps, Dead

Issue 19 and Volume 79.

Jordan of Baltimore Salvage Corps, Dead Following several years of intermittent sickness, Malcolm W. Jordan, chief of the salvage corps at Baltimore, Md., died at his home on September 29. Mr. Jordan was born in Norfolk, Va., in 1870 and later came with his parents to Baltimore. When he was twenty-one years old, he joined the fire department and soon was promoted to the captaincy of No, 10 truck company—In 1900 he was made chief of the salvage corps and he held that position until his death. At the time of the Baltimore conflagration, at which he worked, he did not sleep for three days and nights. In his thirty-six years of firemanic work he is accredited with having saved many lives, and he was injured several times. About four years ago, Chief Jordan’s health began to fail and he went on a three months tour of Europe, in the…

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