Modern Fire Alarm Signalling

Issue 19 and Volume 79.

Modern Fire Alarm Signalling Semi-Automatic Operation and Semi-Automatic Pedestals—Some of the Common Troubles and Remedies THIS is the eleventh of a series of articles on the care, installation and repair of various phases of fire alarm work. The author has had practical experience in this field, and he will answer questions on this subject that are submitted to him by the readers, free of charge. The only condition is that a stamped envelope must be enclosed for reply. Description of Pedestal In figure No. 27 a semi-automatic operators’ pedestal is shown and while it is one used in a very large office, it is illustrated for instructive purposes. The main part of the pedestal consists of the turret, and contains the small signal lights and the circuit controlling switches. In the view shown in this article the turret has sixty switches and sixty signal lights. The signal lights are also…

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