Methods of Making Inspections

Issue 19 and Volume 79.

Methods of Making Inspections Chief Frank W. Bennett of Durham, N. C., writes that when the fire department in that city has suspicion that an individual is contemplating an act of incendiarism, the inspectors of the department make frequent inspections of the premises at odd hours. Where the suspicions are well founded, it has been responsible for people moving out of the city. In one instance, where a suspect moved away to a nearby city, shortly after he had settled there a fire occurred in his place of business. A 5 x 8-inch filing card is used to keep a record of the inspection reports. On the reverse side of the card, is a resume of what the inspector should examine and what defects should be reported. In accordance with a local law, a daily report must be made of the sale of gasoline, benzine, benzol or naptha in quantities…

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