New Physical Standard for Firemen

Issue 19 and Volume 79.

New Physical Standard for Firemen New standards for the examination of firemen throughout the United States have been adopted by the National Association of Police and Fire Surgeons and Medical Directors of Civil Service Commissions of the United States. According to these requirements the applicant must not be less than twenty-one at the time of the medical examination and not over the age of twenty-nine at the time of filing the application. The applicant must be free from any marked deformity, free from all parasitic or systematic skin diseases, and from the evidence of intemperance in the use of stimulants or drugs. The body must be well proportioned, of good muscular development, and must show careful attention to personal cleanliness. Obesity, muscular weakness or poor physique is sufficient cause for rejection. The girth at the abdomen must not be more than the measurement of the chest at rest. The applicant…

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