The Chief Has a Soft Job!

Issue 19 and Volume 79.

The Chief Has a Soft Job! An interesting bit of copy has been prepared to acquaint the people of New Orleans, La., the convention city of the I. A. F. E., with the full importance of the duties of the fire chief. The Trumbull Electric Manufacturing Company tells the story in part as follows: “The fire chief is supposed to know the city rulings, of which there are many; the public buildings, churches, schools, hotels, theatres, streets, railroads, location of all fire alarm boxes, nearest company responding to that alarm, etc., each of which is a study in itself. “His work in many respects is a thankless job with very little consideration in turn for his efforts. He is criticized at a fire if it gets away from him, no consideration being given as to when the alarm was turned in and the time lost before the fire department was…

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