Issue 22 and Volume 79.

THE DUTIES OF A FIRE CHIEF. As Seen by a C. & O. Railway Fire Chief at Their Covington, Ky., Shops Fire, the teirible menace that has ruined some of our most beautiful cities, must come to an end. Organization is the only means we have to end this destructive menace. This organization must consist of a judicial body of men issuing rules and law’s for the officers to carry out. The Fire Marshal, who is the head of the officers in the shops, must see that his men are drilled properly so that they may have plenty of practice in the use of instruments necessary to fight fire, and he must choose men who are capable and worthy fire fighters. The Chief must never be a shirker or a man who is indifferent toward duty, but rather a man who is always willing to lend a helping hand when…

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