Issue 22 and Volume 79.

COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN FIRE PROTECTION As GIVEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS SAFEGUARDING THE BUSINESS DISTRICT J. J. CONWAY Superintendent, The Underwriters’ Salvage Corps., Cincinnati, Ohio THIS twenty-third installment of the University of Illinois Course in Fire Prevention commences the consideration of a very important phase of the fire-fighters work—the protection of the commercial section of the municipality. It is handled by one well qualified to treat the subject: Must Reach the Employer Also As you go along you have to bring to your assistance also, by education, those who are employing people and see that they put them in buildings where they are properly safeguarded. You have to bring home to them the responsibility that rests on them for the destruction of any merchandise that may be caused by fire, if they can prevent it. because the laws of supply and demand show that the more I destroy…

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