Issue 22 and Volume 79.

FIRE DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES New Fire Station for Toledo, Ohio A new fire station will be erected in Toledo, Ohio. Melbourne, Ia., Farmers Purchase Apparatus—A community organization has been formed among the farmers of Melbourne, la., for the purchase of fire apparatus. Organized Labor Interested in Los Angeles, Cal.—A campaign is Iteing made by the forces of organized labor to improve the fire facilities of Los Angeles, Cal. Erection of Pittsburgh, Pa., Station Delayed—The citycouncil delayed the ft I .a 1 action on the purchase of a site for the erection of a new fire station in Pittsburgh, Pa. Iron Mountain, Mich., Installs Siren—An electric fire siren has been installed in the belfry at the city hall of Iron Mountain, M ich. Linwood, N. J., Chief Dines Chief John Pedrick was tendered a banquet by the members of the Linwood, N. J., fire department. New Fire House for Lebanon, Pa.—The Washington…

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