Issue 22 and Volume 79.

CONTENTS NOVEMBER 25, 1926 VOL. LXXIX No. 22 Protecting a City From Fire After a Hurricane, by L. L. Lee (Illustrated) 1195 Heroic Work of the Miami Fire Department During and After the Great Storm. Fire Fighting With Foam Makes Headway, by R. M. Urquhart (Illustrated) 1197 Some Suggestions as to the Use of This Material and What Has Been Accomplished. A Slow Start, A Spreading Fire (Illustrated) 1199 Confusion Through the Transmission of Two Alarms at Same Time and Delay in Reaching Fire Give Blaze Big Start. New Rules of New York Fire Department 1201 Second Installment of Book of Rules to be Published Serially in FIRE ENGINEERING. Modern Fire Alarm Signalling (Illustrated) 1203 Fourteenth of a Series of Articles on the Problems of Installation, Repair and Upkeep of a Fire Alarm With the Editor 1205 Comments on Current Events and Live Topics by our Editorial Staff. Questions and…

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