Model Fire Ordinance at Springfield

Issue 22 and Volume 79.

Model Fire Ordinance at Springfield The fire prevention committee of Springfield, Ill., have been very active the past few years in an attempt to establish a praiseworthy fire prevention record for the city. The local chamber of commerce and the various fire insurance organizations have assisted in bettering the conditions. A very effective measure that the city has adopted in this work is photographing the existing hazard and making the print a part of the records of the department. A novel scheme is the following ordinance which has passed the legislative body and is now a law. AN ORDINANCE IN RELATION TO FIRE PREVENTION. Be It Ordained by the City Council of the City of Springfield, Illinois; SECTION I. Division of Fire Prevention Created. That there be and there is hereby created in the Fire Department, under the Department of Public Health and Safety, a division to be known as…

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