Issue 22 and Volume 79.

ACCURACY— WITH us it’s a religion. In which respect we are pretty much like the old newspaper editor who always had a sign posted above his desk that read “Accuracy! Accuracy! Accuracy!” This he always pointed out to new reporters. One day a new member of the staff came in with his report of a public meeting. The editor, in reading through, came to this sentence: “Three thousand nine hundred and ninetynine eyes were fixed upon the speaker.” “What do you mean by making such a silly blunder like that?” he demanded wrathfuily. “But it’s not a blunder,” protested the young man. “There was a one-eyed man in the audience!” haets or figures they have got to be right before they are published in FIRE ENGINEERING. If you ever run across anything in our columns that seems wrong, let us know, will you please?

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