Chief Flores of Shreveport Re-Appointed

Issue 23 and Volume 79.

Chief Flores of Shreveport Re-Appointed S. J. Flores, chief of the fire department of Shreveport, La., and well known in fire department organizations, has been re-appointed chief by the new administration. An attempt was made to name a new candidate but Mayor Thomas opposed the move and outlined his reasons for retaining the present chief. Mayor Thomas said: “The fire department was not an issue in the recent political campaign, and the department was never criticised, except by one speaker, who retracted his statement and apologized therefor the next day, and the candidates for commissioner of public safety declared that no change would be made in the organization of the fire department of this city. “No charges of incompetency or inefficiency have been made against the chief of the Chief S. J. Flores, Shreveport, La. fire department, and it is unfair and unjust to him, after 20 years’ faithful service…

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