New Rules of the New York Fire Department

Issue 23 and Volume 79.

New Rules of the New York Fire Department This Third Installment Covers Duties of Company Commanders, Lieutenants, Supervising Engineers, and Engineers of Steamers—General Rules FOLLOWING is the third installment of the “Rules and Regulations of the Uniformed Force of the Fire Department of the City of New York,” just issued by that department, and which are to be published serially in their entirety in FIRE ENGINEERING. This book has been compiled and edited by Captain John J. McCarthy, of H. & L. No. 43, detailed in charge of the Division of Public Assembly at Fire Headquarters, who worked under the personal supervision of Chief John Kenlon. This installment includes sections covering the duties of Company Commanders. Lieutenants, Supervising Engineers and Engineers of Steamers. It also begins the general rules of the Department. Company Commanders (Continued) SEC. 77. Upon discovering or learning of a condition imminently perilous to life or property,…

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