Machine Produces Artificial Respiration

Issue 23 and Volume 79.

Machine Produces Artificial Respiration A French concern has placed on the market a machine designed to properly produce, by manual operation, artificial respiration. The appliance is shown in the illustration herewith. The patient is laid on the machine face downward in such a position that any foreign material in the mouth would fall forward, as well as the tongue, which, due to its weight, frequently obstructs the throat in the event that the patient is laid on his back as in the Sylvester method of artificial respiration. After the patient is laid face downward he is strapped to the device so that he will not slip forward or backward as artificial respiration is maintained. Once he is in position ami fastened, all that is necessary to do is to work the lever backward and forward over his head. This brings the arms up and down in the proper manner to…

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