Firemen Hurt in Test of Old Steamer

Issue 23 and Volume 79.

Firemen Hurt in Test of Old Steamer Two firemen of Columbia, S. C., were injured during the test of an old steamer, and one of the men is not expected to live. It is the custom of the fire department to take this steamer out once a month for a test. While the engine was being tested and several men were holding the discharge nozzle, one of the observers shouted for more pressure so that he could reach a certain object with the fire stream. At that time there was an engine pressure of 130 pounds, and the one who was maintaining steam said that the only way that the pressure could be increased was to replace the nozzle with one of smaller diameter. This was done. Without any warning whatsoever, the hose parted from its coupling near the nozzle and threw the two firemen over, who were directing the…

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